Non-Sleazy Sales for Coaches, Healers & Helpers - 2 Day Workshop

Holy cow! It's a two-day, ethical, empathic, even introverted selling bonanza!

Heart-centered people like you run away from sales like their business is on fire - and it isn't their fault.

If you've found my Academy, you've likely been driven here by some very crappy teachers - whether it was the swindler who sold you your least favorite car, or the guru you paid big bucks to teach you how to get ahead.

Want a sneak peek? Well, quick fix or deep dive?

Whatever you fancy - here's a crash course in my win-win philosophy...

5 Minute Video

Is Selling Manipulative & Should You Even Care?

40 Minute Masterclass

Make Selling Easy -

Without Getting Sleazy


Join me for 2 magical days of step by step instructions, brainstorming, Hot Seat coaching & Laughter

*** June 29 & 30, 2023 ***


Only $400 USD & Payment Plans Welcome!

in 8 short hours, over two fabulous days,

at a minimum, you will learn...

How to forge a sales-identity for yourself that is completely aligned with your ethics, integrity, and heart.

(hint: you already play this role in your life)

How to use your people skills (EVEN INTROVERSION!) and compassion to connect with your ideal clients instantly and deeply – without violating your own boundaries or theirs.

How to stay in the game when objections are hurled at you, no's come too quickly, or maybes take foreeeeeeeever - no arm-twisting required. Plus, you'll learn when/how to follow-up (and what to say).

How to radiate gooey-trustworthy-goodness in your sales copy and written communication, for times when face-to-face just isn't possible (or necessary). 

How to close sales in a way that not only makes both sides damn-near giddy, but sets the foundation for long-term fandom. (Plus how to ask for testimoinals, referrals, and more!)

The Four Types of Buyers - how to identify them, bond with them, and provide the information they want (and skip the rest!).

100% Ethical. 100% Powerful. Weirdly fun.

Join us June 29 & 30, 2023 ~ 10AM - 2PM CST Each Day ~ $400 USD

Are you ready to sell with your personality, ethics, and enthusiasm intact?

My students rave about their explosive business growth and all the fun we've had along the way...

Grab results like these!

need a little pep talk before you sign up?

here's exactly why I offer this workshop and what's in it for you:

If you're a coach, consultant, healer or service provider (who cherishes your clients and uses words like "Purpose")...

... and you've invested the time, energy, and bravery required to establish an authentic, dream-driven business – you already know how to use your powers for good. But, do you know how to use them for profit? And better yet, do you know how to make your ideal clients excited to buy?

Time and time again, I've seen tenacious, brilliant, heart-centered folks just like you shut down their businesses - and their dreams! - because of one pesky hurdle: sales.

They don't ask enough, so they don't get enough, so they can't provide enough without it costing too much of themselves.

But little did they know, the very empathy, introversion, integrity, and passion that make them dread "the money moment" are actually the keys to a long, prosperous career with raving fans and lasting impact!

You got into this business to help others – to brighten days and change lives. Of course you'd run from harmful practices and nasty manipulations!

I'm here to show you an infinitely kinder way to sell.

May I?


Wanna know more about me, Annie P. Ruggles, or this workshop?

I'm an open book.

One more thing...

Burned by puny programs or greedy gurus in the past? Here's how this time is different.

I know that every dollar a small business earns is a treasure. I would never, ever offer a flimsy, basic training only to up-sell the real goods. I couldn't dare call myself non-sleazy if I did.

This workshop is fully guaranteed for those who show up and do the work - I am so certain of its value that if you attend the live event, participate in the activities and coaching, and don't believe it was worth every penny you paid, I'll make it right. 




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