Want to make money? Stop Apologizing!

Want to make money? Stop Apologizing!


Sit right down and I'll share a frightenin' tale about a sales call that would have shocked even the politest of clients (and one that I have permission to share)...

I offer this service, in which I listen to your most challenging, befuddling, and embarrassing sales calls and give shame-free notes.

In a 36 minute call, today's client apologized 9 times, losing a little confidence with each. NINE. TIMES.

1. She apologized for the client having technical issues (in no way her fault).

2. She apologized for the client mishearing something.

3. She apologized for choosing the start date of the program.

4. She apologized for not having heard of a book the client mentioned.

5. She apologized for needing to wrap the FREE call up in order to end on time.

6. She apologized for "talking about money."

7. She apologized again for the tech issues (still not her fault) from over 20 minutes ago.

8. She apologized for sneezing (Nope, not "excuse me" but "I'm SO sorry.")

9. And then, the kicker, she apologized IF she took up too much of the potential buyers' time, after she got a big, fat "not now."

This is a woman who has a beautiful website, gorgeous testimonials, and utterly devoted clients. This is a women who knows her stuff, and believes in the power of her work.

But how on Earth would a client see that belief underneath that casserole of "I hope I'm not upsetting you" "Oh please pay attention just a little longer" energy?

They didn't.

I went to 14 years of Catholic School. Those nuns assured that I LOVE manners and ABHOR impoliteness –but there was nothing mannerly about this. There was nothing begging forgiveness. There was never a single indication that the client was upset.

But there were pauses, and objections, and money on the line. And so she apologized.

Please, please, please be mindful not to do the same. There is a galaxy of difference between arrogant, manipulative, braggy sales and this unnecessary meekness.

Find your happy medium, and only apologize when there is something to make right. Your client will thank –and possibly even pay – you for it.


PS. I have room for a few more recordings on my calendar. If you'd like my listening ear on yours, head on over to https://annie-p-ruggles.mykajabi.com/sales-calls

No. I won't tell the entire internet about what you did wrong (unless you want me to, as this client did.)

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