"You Charge for That? - My Official Response

"You Charge for That? - My Official Response

Oh no! You have a tooth ache? Don't you dare go to an oral surgeon. BAH! I could pull your tooth out for free. I saw it done in a cartoon once - you just wrap some string around it and slam a door.

I'll save you the hundreds of dollars a greedy "professional" would charge you. (How dare they?) I'll even sing to you while I do it. If the string doesn't work, I have tools in my garage that will probably do the trick.

Worried about infection? Nah. Don't be. I saw a YouTube video that says to pour vinegar on it. You'll be right as rain. So open up. That tooth is really hurting, and no one should charge people in pain.

I'm here for you. Let me go find some clean string...
This is what I tell my clients when they come up against the "I can't believe you're charging for that" objection.

If you've put time, money, and energy into perfecting your methods, if you've invested in your clients and their successes, and if you therefore have real, lasting value to provide, you should absolutely be charging.

If they want to accept a free, well-meaning substitute, to coach themselves with memes and the occasional tear-jerker podcast, or rely on the kindness and patience of FB group strangers - that's their right. Good for them. But if they want real results, they know they need an expert.

Let's stop wasting time trying to win over the haters. Instead, let's double down on proving our worth to people in actual need.

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