Annie P. Answers: Do I Need to Offer a Guarantee?

Annie P. Answers: Do I Need to Offer a Guarantee?



Hey there, it's Annie P. from The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy. And I am back with another question I love to be asked.

Today's question is "Annie, do I need to offer a money back guarantee or something similar?" And my official response is not surprisingly - It really depends on you, your business, what you're selling, who your clients are, how your clients are engaging with that material, and also what your clients are trying to pull. 'Cause not all of our clients are exactly ideal, am I right?

But for the ones who are, we do wanna make risk, easier to face, right? That risk, of course, is buying from you, that risk, of course, is trusting you. So let me tell you how I came to my guarantee, philosophy and practices. It's a little bit different, whether you're booking products or services. Services it's the easiest thing in the world for me, because I just say the Annie P Guarantee means that if you book time with me, you will be completely satisfied, or if you hire me to write something for you, you will freaking love it.

Now that gives me more wiggle room, right?

If I need to extend a call or offer an additional time, I will, if I need to do an additional round of edits, I will. Within reason, but what we're looking for is that point of satisfaction, which normally the client and I have established on that very first sales call before money has even been discussed.

For programs it's a little bit different, but I do offer a money back guarantee there too. And the reason why may surprise you, it's not just for the client. I love being benevolent, I love being generous, I also have to make money, I'm in business. So why then the money back guarantee?

Because they have to work for it.

Now on my end, I know that my content is amazing and powerful and gets you know what done because it does. I've seen it. I have the testimonials to prove it, plus my own work, plus my own benefit, plus my own revenue, right? But for the client, if they're saying, you know what, this really wasn't a good fit for me, then okay, show me why it's not working. Show me the work. If you've done through two modules, show me the homework, show me the paperwork, because then I have a chance to save the sale. And it also protects me from people that just buy a whole bunch of stuff, sponge up what they can and return it. Because unfortunately in this world, sellers aren't the only ones who can be sleazy, okay? Buyers can be sleazy too.

But I found a way by offering a conditional money back guarantee to protect myself, to protect my company, to protect my reputation, to protect my bottom line, but also to make sure that I'm a perfect fit. And if I'm not, there's something we can do about that.

So there's my little 2 cents on guarantees. Remember buying is a risk. If you don't wanna offer a guarantee, you don't have to, but take steps to help lessen that risk and coach that buyer along, and you'll both be happier for it. Bye.


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