"I need to talk to my husband first." - My Official Response

"I need to talk to my husband first." - My Official Response

Why on Earth (other than laziness and greed) did it become common practice to push back on the "I need to talk to my spouse/partner/other decider first" objection?

The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy and I will never, ever teach that and apart from the obvious - here's why.

I am a 35 year old with 2 successful businesses. I am a feminist. I'm pretty responsible and cautious with my spending. I don't have joint checking with my husband. My money really only affects me, as do most of my decisions. AND I STILL ASK RYAN S. RUGGLES BEFORE MAKING MAJOR PURCHASES.

Not for permission, no! But for his insight, his support, for the questions he'll ask that I haven't even considered. Because I want to be a million percent sure that the purchase is in my best interest. Shouldn't you also want that for your customers? That complete buy-in? That certainty?

No amount of poking, prodding, and polite mockery will sway me. If I say I'm talking to Ryan first, I'm talking to Ryan first. Or Jennie, or Caitlin, or any of my other trusted advisors.

Rushing someone into a sale against their better judgement may make you a lot of money - one time. But the customer/client is much less likely to return, and much more likely to complain. Referrals? Word of mouth? Long-term relationships? Nope.

So please, I implore you. The next time you come up on a "calling in back-up" objection - HONOR IT. Work with it, not against it. Watch how much easier it makes everything going forward. Delight yourself. Dazzle them.

(And if you have no clue how to do this last part, that's what I'm here for. Together, we'll squeeze all the sleaze out of your sales. bit.ly/ChatWithAnnieP

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