Annie P. Answers: How long does my sales page need to be?

Annie P. Answers: How long does my sales page need to be?


TRANSCRIPT: Hey there it's Annie P. Ruggles, from The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy. One of my favorite questions to be asked, which is a good thing, cause I'm asked it over and over and over, is how long does my sales page really need to be?

Now the obvious answer to that, is it depends. But I think what I'm really being asked, is does my sales page really need to be longer than the Great Wall of China?

And the answer to that is no, but there is some logic as to why some of the best sales pages you see, especially for high ticket programming are so freaking long. And some of the other sales pages you see that are so dynamic, get you to that yes so quickly. Why are both instances true? I think it's all about what attitudes, emotions and actions you're coaching throughout the sales page.

Right, think of it this way. It's a series of gateways, right. You're on the hero's journey and these are your gateways. What does your buyer need to feel ? What do they need to know, in order to get through that next gateway? Because they will not continue if they are not feeling that feeling. And if they are not certain in that fact, they may be curious about it, but after a while curiosity wanes.

So for each of those sections on your sales page, I want you thinking, what do I need them to buy into here? What do I really need them to feel in order to keep going? And you can do this, with the very sales pages that are sent to you, to get you to buy, go section by section and say, what are they trying to accomplish here? When it comes to my emotions, what are they trying to accomplish here? When it comes to my mindset, my thinking, my actions, my behaviors, the level of hope I have about this.

And finally, possibly most importantly, do not end your sales page until you have handled your most popular objections upfront. I don't care if it's a thousand words or a hundred. If you do not handle objections upfront, you are shooting that beautiful page right in the foot.

Ended on a mixed metaphor. I love it.


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