On Authorship, Encouragement & Doctor Who (feat. Alexandra Uth)

On Authorship, Encouragement & Doctor Who (feat. Alexandra Uth)

Does the sight of red ink give you flashbacks to Grade School English? Many of us carry that typo-trauma with us into adulthood and our entrepreneurial endeavors. How can we publish our brilliance without our voice being tainted?

This week, Annie P. sits down with her favorite editor, Alexandra Uth (known for her Purple Pencils). Together, they'll explore best practices for bringing books and other written works into the world - and tie it all to the most famous Doctor(s) in all of Time and Space.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language

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Here are some great quotes from this episode:

"A good editor knows how to protect your voice and make it the voice it can be. A good editor will work with the author and find the best way to amplify the author’s voice while honoring their style." (Alexandra Uth)

- If you are a coach or an entrepreneur you have your own unique style, your unique way of doing things and getting your messages across. A good editor enhances your uniqueness. (Alexandra Uth) 

"Finding the right editor is like finding the right doctor. You need to be able to trust them." (Alexandra Uth) 

- If you are protective of your voice and you are hesitant to hire an editor definitely by all means then do not find some boilerplate method for bookmaking because they are gonna go ‘page 1, page 2 write this’. And will wind up what exactly you don’t want which is a facsimile of all the other books that person has coached. 

"If you buy a bookwriting method that is tightly packaged, you run the risk of winding up with a very processed, standard-feeling book."

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