On Branding, Reinvention & Cafe Tropical (feat. Chelsie Tamms) - Schittsfest 2 of 2

On Branding, Reinvention & Cafe Tropical (feat. Chelsie Tamms) - Schittsfest 2 of 2

What the heck is a brand anyway? How do you know yours is sending the right message out into the world? Too many small businesses struggle with finding the perfect fit - where cleverness, color, cohesion, and clarity combine.

This week, Annie P. returns to Schitt's Creek accompanied by lettering artist, entrepreneur, and brand designer Chelsie Tamms. Together, they deep dive into branding, re-branding, and working with a professional artist - and pick apart some beloved Schitt's Creek props and locales.

**Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language
Here are some great quotes from this episode:

- The biggest thing that business owners needed to know today is that your brand is the most important asset that you have and something that you really need to focus on if you want to attract the right people and connect with your ideal clients (Chelsie Tamms)

- I define branding as all of those touchpoints - everything from your logo, colors, and the font that you pick. But branding is also the way you show up as a business owner -  the way you interact with your customers, and the services that you provide. It is all those different things that make you unique. (Chelsie Tamms) 

- Your brand is what other people say when you are not in the room. It is the experience, the feeling, and the emotion tied to your business.

- The common misconception about brands is ‘ I don’t have a brand’. Everyone has a brand. Whether you or not you take control over the brand, you are still actively telling people what it is your brand stands for. (Chelsie Tamms)

- If your business is changing, you should change your branding. If you start to lose some clients, then maybe it’s a good time to rebrand. (Chelsie Tamms) 


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