On Community, Conversation & Cobra Kai (feat. Ryan Alford)

On Community, Conversation & Cobra Kai (feat. Ryan Alford)

"Real wants to do business with real." We've all been told a million times that authenticity and transparency are essential, right? But - why does it actually matter?

This week, big-time marketer and multi-business-owner Ryan Alford breaks it all down and reminds us that building community and customer relationships is more important now than ever before. How can we plan ahead for when the world returns to "normal?" And - most importantly - what would Mr. Miyagi do?

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language
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Build your community and your email list. A place where you can interact with your customers is more important than ever because you need to be owning your relationship with them. (Ryan Alford) 

It's essential to know how customers are finding you, what their problems are that you are solving. (Ryan Alford) 

Double-check that you have Google Analytics on your websites. It will tell you where your traffic is coming from, who your traffic is, their demographics, and more. (Ryan) 


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