On Intuition, Ambition & Frozen 2 (feat. Ciara Rubin)

On Intuition, Ambition & Frozen 2 (feat. Ciara Rubin)

How can we keep ourselves - our egos, our ideas, our best and dearest character traits - safe in the increasingly connected, digital, demanding  Small Business world? What role does intuition play in the ambitious pursuit of your Purpose?

This week, TLTQ takes a walk on the woo-side with Ciara Rubin - lightworker, spiritual teacher, and Disney superfan. We discuss all things energy and tenacity, and explore what it really feels like to go "Into the Unknown."

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language

- "Practicing spiritual protection is actually creating what you don’t want." (Ciara Rubin) 

- "If you want consistent clients, you need to show up consistently to get them. You need to consistently illustrate that you are trustworthy." (Ciara Rubin) 

- "If your solopreneur life starts to feel too logical, if it starts to feel too grounded, or too much like a job, you may be out of aligned with your purpose."

- "You need to think about your business through a lens that excites you enough that keeps you coming back for more. That’s the passion piece."

- "The safest place to be is where you are."

- "As I practice putting myself out there by showing up consistently to my clients, the more I realize I am safe." (Ciara Rubin)

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