On Success, Identity & The Matrix (feat. Lauren Saunders)

On Success, Identity & The Matrix (feat. Lauren Saunders)

"Hustle is out, alignment is in." That's art-teacher-turned-entrepreneur Lauren Saunders' motto. How are you showing up in your business every day? How will the next, more evolved, more successful version of yourself respond differently? What stale behaviors are knocking you out of flow?

This week, Annie P. Ruggles and Lauren Saunders take a deep-dive into identity - exploring how our self-perception, action, and vision combine to create our outcomes - before tying it all into Neo's journey through The Matrix.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language
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Here are some great quotes from this episode:

"We really are capable of doing anything. It is only that we have been told that we are not capable that prevents us from doing what it takes." (Lauren Saunders) 

"Our success is a source of energy. The thoughts that we think, the emotions that we feel. What is it that we are focused on creating more of within our business?"

"Action, of course, is incredibly important however it is really not about what you are doing in your business. It is who you are being."

The best version of you is the one that believes in your success. She/he is focused on where they are going. They believe that they can have it. They have seen themselves as worthy of compensation. They are taking action from like success is inevitable." 

"Fake it til you make it is basically says put up a front and pretend whenever you feel lacking, or hopelessness, scarcity and doubt. You attract what you are putting out there."  (Lauren Saunders) 

"You can change direction/rebrand whenever you want to. Our business needs to evolve - as we do - and if we are not allowing either, we'll get bored. "(Lauren) 

"Growth cannot happen inside of a comfort zone."  (Annie) 

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