On Writing, Self-Protection & Rose Apothecary (feat. Kelsey Hoff) - Schittsfest 1 of 2!

On Writing, Self-Protection & Rose Apothecary (feat. Kelsey Hoff) - Schittsfest 1 of 2!

Small business owners can be so wildly sensitive about their writing. I certainly have been. We desperately want everything to come out exactly right every time - but don't trust our own skill. AND/OR the idea of letting someone else speak for you? Forget it! No way! How can we stop being so precious and start converting clients?

This week, seasoned copywriter Kelsey Hoff sits down with Annie P. to give writers a permission slip or two, demystify working with a professional, and explain why every David needs a Patrick.

*Spoiler alert: this episode contains info about Schitt's Creek's final season.

**Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains colorful language
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Here are some great quotes from this episode:

- Content marketing is always about being resourceful and showing what you have to give in the best way that you can. (Kelsey Hoff) 


  - Most of us are not taught how to write in a very effective way. We were taught to write prescriptive essays that are easy to grade. (Kelsey Hoff) 

- There is no shame in hiring copywriting or editing help. If that is the right option for you then take do it! (Annie P. Ruggles)

- People are very protective of their brand voice and very much want it to sound like them -- especially solo entrepreneurs. But there is also a difference between your speaking voice and your brand voice. (Kelsey Hoff)

- Great copy is the quickest way for prospects to fall in love with you. (Annie P. Ruggles) 

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