When Should I Ask for a Testimonial

Annie P. Answers: When Should I Ask for a Testimonial? and How?


TRANSCRIPT: Hey pals, it's Annie P. Ruggles from the Non-Sleazy Sales Academy. And today, I have a special little trick for you.

One complaint I hear from my do-gooders over and over and over is that they feel kind of gross, asking for testimonials for referrals, when the client's already done so much for them.

Well, I have the perfect workaround for that. You don't wanna pile on too many requests. And I honor that. I hear that. That's why the best time to ask for a referral or testimonial is when they're already complimenting you.

You've delivered the work and they say, "oh, whatever your wonderful name is. You are the greatest thing since sliced bread. You are the bee's knees. I wish I could tell the world." "Hey, thank you so much for saying that. About telling the world who else should I be talking to? Is there anyone you could introduce me to that would benefit from this work?"

Or, "oh, this is the best blank I ever had." "Can I get that in writing?" Right? They're already primed to help you. one more ask doesn't even land on them. You're not eliciting the content from them. You're not pulling praise out of them sitting there going, "please praise me, please validate me." They're already doing it. Right. Now, the secret within the trick is to make it incredibly easy for the client to deliver what you've just asked for. There are great tools out there, like Endorsal. That's what I use. I send the form right away, they fill it out. Bam! whole thing takes one minute for it to even get up on my website, right?


But even if you're not using a service or a tech tool? how can you make the curation process actually getting that testimonial in hand easier for the client, which will in process make it easier for you.

get out there and brag darling, your good work deserves it. And by all means, if you're looking for that referral, listen, and then chase the compliment with that ask. Have a wonderful day.


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