TLTQ Ep. 105 - On Emails, Takeaways & Outlander (feat. Danielle Weil)

TLTQ Ep. 105 - On Emails, Takeaways & Outlander (feat. Danielle Weil)

Is your email list really that important? How can we best communicate our deep awareness of the problems our prospects face without pouring salt in the wound? How can we find the perfect balance between personalized storytelling and widely applicable takeaways?

Danielle Weil, copy strategist to the stars, is here to set us straight.  She outlines tip after tip for fostering trust and connection with your readers, finding inspiration everywhere, and leaning into structure to free your mind. Then, Danielle and Annie (brilliant women who read trashy, trashy books) dive into what lessons can be learned from the book series turned TV sensation, Outlander.

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains small amounts of colorful language.

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What's Inside:
[00:00:00] - You always have to start with where they are. 
[00:00:46]- What do small business owners need to focus on this week? Your nurture sequence.
[00:03:25] - You are incubating and raising someone's trust and awareness of you. 
[00:04:55] - It isn't just about proving yourself, it's about differentiating yourself.
[00:13:07] - If you can give me a takeaway, something that'll shorten my learning curve, I'm all in.
[00:13:47] - Small details can be really interesting. 
[00:18:01] - When a show manages to get real, we appreciate it.
[00:21:26] - What you're actually crafting is a narrative. 
[00:24:34] - Structures allow you the freedom to be more creative. 
[00:29:59] - Let's differentiate structure from templates!
[00:30:59] - What can we learn about writing emails from book series like Outlander?
[00:32:44] - Segmentation allows your audience to choose their own adventure. 
[00:35:09] - How do you explain germs to somebody who has no idea? 
[00:38:09] - It may be easier to blend in. 
[00:39:44] - Change is scary. But that also doesn't mean that the solution isn't also scary. 
[00:43:31] - Shockingly deep and surprisingly meaningful: the question we asked #PodFest2023 and your homework for the week

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