TLTQ Ep. 95 - On Joyfulness, Overworking & A League of Their Own (feat. Dr. Erin M. Baker)

TLTQ Ep. 95 - On Joyfulness, Overworking & A League of Their Own (feat. Dr. Erin M. Baker)

Is joy fluffy or essential? A soft skill or a beacon? And on the flipside, is burnout a badge of honor? How can we keep the love alive in our small businesses, in spite of recessions, upheaval, bad news, and bitchy people? Unsure if/how happiness and success will ever coexist in your business? This episode is for you!

This week, Dr. Erin M. Baker, Ph.D., is here to clear up some glaring misconceptions about fun, happiness, and getting sh*t done. Their new book, Joy-Full AF: The Essential Business Strategy We're Afraid To Put First, is a masterclass in infusing your essence, identity, and desires back into your business - but what lessons will Erin and Annie glean from 90s sensation and Amazon's brand new remake, A League of Their Own? Batter Up! Hear that call! The time has come for one and all to... listen to this episode.

What's Inside:
0:00 - Intro & Theme
2:19 - Main Interview with Dr. Erin
36:50 - A League of Their Own tie-in
56:25 - Final Thought & Homework

*Parentpreneur advisory: this episode contains a bunch of colorful language.

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