The Coach Who Would Not Sell


I killed my Small Business.

These are my confessions - no, my cautionary tales."

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Just the facts...


Expert Witnesses Say...


Tina Muheim,

Restorative Coach for High-Achievers


"The unique approach lets individuals struggling to grow their businesses build confidence at the pace they need. Take a ride (fast or slow, your choice) with Weaver and unlock what’s holding you and your business back."

Diann Wingert,

Host of The Driven Woman podcast


"This is not the same old sales advice,  it's the just right advice for the outliers, misfits, and oddballs the world needs to hear more from but who are too busy hiding. Yes, I'm talking to YOU. "

Erin M. Baker, PhD,

Author of Joy-Full AF: The Essential Business Strategy We're Afraid to Put First


"If sales is sucking your joy, this insightful, witty, actionable and handy-to-read guide might do the impossible: turn sales into something fun, exciting...and dare I say, joy-full!"

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