As a life-long learner, I'm always hungry for the next thing that will make us all money (non-sleazily, of course).

I'm tremendously proud to be trained and certified in the following methods:

  • Relationship-based selling powered by 4 communication styles
  • A compassionate approach to creating financial safety and well-being
  • Practical applications and coaching exercises founded in applied Positive Psychology

I've also read about a million books, taken half the courses on the internet, and have worked with hundreds of clients over the last decade --- so I know how to customize and impart all this knowledge to you!

Non-Sleazy Sales
“Great relationships start with Self-Awareness”

Applied self-awareness can lead to greater knowledge about the world around you. This knowledge can guide you in developing a greater understanding of your personal preferences and behaviors. The projection of your preferences is a major factor in determining the quality of the results you are able to achieve when you interact with other people.

"You may tell yourself that you are bad with money, that you lack financial literacy. You may be experiencing money shame."

Trauma writes scripts in our minds, embedding behaviours into our nervous system. These narratives lead us to different painful disruptive behaviours and money disorders. Without healing that trauma and changing those scripts, financial strategies will only help superficially.

“the best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile” - Tal ben-Shahar

Applied Positive Psychology is a discipline that examines the intersections of body, brain, culture, and science to develop tools and practices that enhance human flourishing and well-being. The work is designed to support personal, organizational, and community well-being. 

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