Master the art of Win-Win Selling

so you can rake in the cash without manipulating anyone, depleting your energy or self-esteem, or compromising your integrity.

If you're a coach, consultant, healer or service provider (who also happens to be an emotional sponge)...

... and you've invested the time, energy, and bravery required to establish an authentic, dream-driven business – you already know how to use your powers for good. But, do you know how to use them for profit? And better yet, do you know how to make your ideal clients excited to buy?

As an empath, you're practically the posterchild for the "Know, Like, Trust" method of marketing.

Congrats, friend! You could form a deep bond with a tree stump. But time and time again, I've seen tenacious, brilliant, heart-centered folks just like you shut down their businesses - and their dreams! - because of one pesky hurdle: sales.

They don't ask enough, so they don't get enough, so they can't provide enough without it costing too much of themselves.

But little did they know, the very empathy that makes them dread "the money moment" is actually the key to a long, prosperous career with raving fans and lasting impact!

Allow me to explain, pretty please?

"Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust." 

- sales master and all-around nice guy, Zig Ziglar

Who can compassionately guide clients through these barriers? Empaths, of course!

  • No need? Who better than an empath to see right through doubt and fear and determine exactly what the client needs (and what they don't!)?
  • No money? Who better than an empath to handle financial hurdles compassionately and without judgment?
  • No hurry? Who better than an empath can whip clients into a hopeful excited frenzy - and be honest about the damage delaying can do?
  • No desire? Who better than an empath to foster enthusiasm and hope, and to provide proof of what's possible?
  • No trust? And - most importantly - who better than an empath can earn, grow, and keep the trust required and build rock-solid customer relationships?

Nobody, that's who. You are perfectly qualified, just by being you.

So, why do empaths like you run away from sales like their business is on fire? 

Well, if you're here, it's probably the fault of some very crappy teachers - whether it was the swindler who sold you your least favorite car, or the guru you paid big bucks to teach you how to get ahead.

This is how they define sales:

  • Sales - the process of arm-twisting, manipulating, convincing, and demeaning people to get what you want - no matter what they need.
  • You - money-hungry, greedy trickster with mouths to feed and yachts to buy.
  • Your Potential Clients - wussy weaklings who desperately need you, would be lucky to have you, and have no clue what they want or need.
  • Objections - excuses, excuses, excuses, unless they are broke - and who wants to help broke folks? Eww.
  • Closing the Deal - one final arm-twist before you move on to the next transaction - oops, I mean client.

And this is how I do:

  • Sales - the opportunity to solve a problem for someone using your gifts, talents, resources, and hard work.
  • You - ally, mentor, captain, coach, person who has walked through hell and lived to tell the tale.
  • Your Potential Clients - real people with real needs who are navigating them alone and yearning for change.
  • Objections - moments to dig deeper and find a mutually beneficial outcome; chances to involve other deciders and find the win-win-win.
  • Closing the Deal - an exchange of money for your talent, time, energy and wits; the foundation of a long-lasting beeee-u-tiful relationship.

Now, if my own empathy radar is firing correctly, you're probably wondering...

Who the heck are you, Annie P. Ruggles?

Once upon a time, I was a little girl who would sob when I saw "Going Out of Business" signs.

Who grew in to a service-provider who just wanted to make people "happy."

Who learned the hard way that being likable is not a guarantee of being profitable. 

Who has watched client, after client, after client spend oodles of time on marketing, branding, positioning, networking, Facebooking, and more - only to fail at the finish line. 

I'm also the daughter of an award-winning motivational speaker and an always-ahead-of-his-time business strategist, and the granddaughter of a perspicacious wordsmith, a singing waiter, a cafeteria caterer with a raving fan base, and here's the kicker - a legendary used-car salesman.


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Yep, you heard me. That's him - with the rolled up sleeves among all the suits like, "I'm gonna work hard to get you the best deal."

My grandpa, Fred "Berfle" Keller, worked his way from non-English-speaking mechanic up to a top salesman in the golden age of customer service. And when he died in the  early 2000s,  people he sold cars to in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s saw his name in the paper and came to his funeral to reminisce about how honest, noble, and reliable he was. And he sold used cars, y'all. Imagine if he had been able to sell the life-changing, power-giving opportunities you provide!

You got into this business to help others – to brighten days and change lives. Of course you'd run from harmful practices and nasty manipulations!

But, my dearest do-gooders, I'm here to show you an infinitely kinder way to sell.

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Introducing Sales for Empaths

The only training of its kind - specifically designed to harness the power of your empathy! I'll break down every single secret of win-win selling, piece by piece.



This rockin', sockin' experience is jam-packed with goodness and you'll walk away knowing exactly:


1. How to forge a sales-identity for yourself that is completely aligned with your ethics, integrity, and heart.



2. How to use your people skills and compassion to connect with your ideal clients instantly and deeply – without violating your own boundaries or theirs.



3. How to stay in the game when objections are hurled at you, no's come too quickly, or maybes take foreeeeeeeever - no arm-twisting required.



4. How to radiate empathy in your sales copy and written communication, for times when face-to-face just isn't possible (or necessary).



5. How to close sales in a way that not only makes both sides damn-near giddy, but sets the foundation for long-term fandom.


And we'll drive it home, together, with plenty of practice, practice, practice...


Two group calls every month!

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Get feedback on your pitch and offer and role-play through objection handling and closing techniques.

You haven't truly lived until you've played Objection Roulette.

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Ask Annie Absolutely Anything (sales-related) and soak up peer-support.

The Unstuck and Unstoppable process (a Coach Jennie creation!) is designed to deliver the exact feedback you want - and only that feedback.

LIFETIME ACCESS to the only sales training you'll need


Your one-time ticket purchase provides:

  • Unlimited access to every video, exercise, worksheet and resource
  • Opportunities to try the objection handling and closing techniques and receive feedback on live group calls
  • Exclusive access to all add-ons (like sales page templates and sales call audits!)
  • My eternal affection (#priceless)
Enroll now and never dread sales again.

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Get Full Access Now!

Burned by puny programs or greedy gurus in the past? Here's how this time is different.

I know that every dollar a small business earns is a treasure. I would never, ever offer a flimsy, basic training only to up-sell the real goods. I couldn't dare call myself non-sleazy if I did.

This program is fully guaranteed for those who show up and do the work - I am so certain of its value that if you watch the modules, try the exercises, join the group calls, and don't believe it was worth every penny you paid, I'll make it right.

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And, I brought some friends along to tell you about working with me:

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Dana M. - Marketer on a World-Changing Mission

Annie was able to transform my entire program + sales page & my approach by just being her amazing self: caring, intelligent, and extremely aware of how sales works! She knows her S*&@! Her approach is not only hilarious, but powerful!

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Becky M. - Yogi & Sustainable Fashionista

I was amazed at what Annie was able to help me accomplish. She helped me align my brand with my goals to grow it in a sustainable and manageable way. I left with a checklist of things I will be able to implement right away.

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Calynda T. - Heart-Mending Mentor & Healer

When it comes to ideas... Annie P. Ruggles is mind blowing. Why waste hours, weeks, day or decades pondering when you have access to a mind like that? I’d strongly recommend taking Annie up on her offers. She’s worth 100x what she charges!

Unlimited Lifetime Access


Your one-time ticket purchase provides:

  • Unlimited access to every video, exercise, worksheet and resource
  • Opportunities to try the objection handling and closing techniques and receive feedback on live group calls
  • Exclusive access to all add-ons (like sales page templates and sales call audits!)
  • My eternal affection (#stillpriceless)
Enroll now... These Methods + Your Empathy = Priceless (and Profitable!)

Need to make a few payments? No problem, pal!

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Get Full Access Now!

Now, due to my own overwhelming empathy, I'm guessing you've got some questions...

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