The Non-Sleazy Open House

"The best hours of your work-week, most weeks, for sure."

"In order to understand it, you have you experience it." 

There's no better way to know if The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy is right for you than to join us for one of our jam-packed, homework-slinging, mindset-shifting, money-making group calls. 

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Here's what our members want you to know about these calls aka "class"...


I come to class for the knowledge and the vibe. Even as an experienced business owner I get so much from Annie’s understanding of buyer types, sales and marketing strategies.

She is kind, funny and wicked smart which makes for the best experience. It’s why the people who are also part of the academy are so supportive and interesting. Whether I have a question or not, I always leave with great takeaways.

Amber Hawley
Host, The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur

I come to class because Annie is an absolute pro with helping me navigate any sales and marketing situation.

When I have sales calls or need to follow up with a potential client, she has great suggestions that lead to conversion. When I'm working on new programming and presentations, she helps me approach the sales portion and closing in a way that feels authentic to me and provides value to attendees.

No matter what I'm working on or where I could use a second set of eyes, Annie's able to help! The calls and classes are extremely valuable and I couldn't imagine running my business without the guidance, mentorship and support from Annie and the Non-Sleazy Sales Academy crew.

(Oh! And by the way, since my time in the program my conversion rate has increased from 36% to 63%!)"

Health & Wellness Coach

You should absolutely come to class if you are feeling stuck or unsure about a step or action you should take in your sales process.

Annie has a way of distilling down the problem into a direct and brilliant solution every single time.

Victoria Hines
Creator, Find Your Path

Annie came into my life when I needed to understand how to create a sales page, and I was instantly drawn to her dynamic personality. Over the course of the past year, she has not only shared her marketing and
sales wisdom, but she has provided a safe place for me to explore who I  am and create a business that reflects that.

My business made triple
what I thought it would have last year, and all of it was thanks to
the guidance and support of Annie!

Not only that, but Annie helped me find my courage and my voice to create a podcast that is in the top 20 in various parts of the world!

I come to class because I enjoy the community Annie has created, a group of people who seek the knowledge of marketing and sales, but whoalso want to connect with other like-minded individuals who are creating magic in their businesses.

Revy DeTriste
Healer & Host, Dimensional Shifts

You're welcome to join us!
Bring a problem to solve or just soak up the cozy company.

Web-cam optional but encouraged. The dress code is Zoom Waist-Up Casual.

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