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per month for 3 months

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I'll eat the exchange rate, because I know it sucks.

(And the almighty Euro hates us all equally.)

No penalty for using a payment plan

Choose the schedule that is best for you.

There are no hidden fees, full-pay perks, or price hikes.

let's break this down...

In our 3 months* together, you will receive at least:














* 3 months is the length of 1 term - your initial investment and long enough to get you confidently unstuck and enthusiastically asking! Beyond that, you're welcome to re-enroll on a month-to-month plan for only $200/mo. We're a choose your own graduation date kind of place.
hrs. of group calls each week (avg. 3-12 clients per call)
minutes 1:1 with Annie P. herself (Think: Strategic Cheerleading)
hrs. of video curriculum, available 24/7 with 30 downloadable transcripts
worksheets and cheatsheets to make information personal & accessible
0 +
pages of jaw-droppingly accurate self-awareness, courtesy of Dynamix
more minutes with Annie to unpack what it all means (and how it will make you $$$)
0 +
moments of soul-soothing, confidence boosting, decision-making peer support
0 %
Fluffy Filler Content

a pre-purchase pep talk


so, what's really at stake here, anyway?

If you're a coach, consultant, healer or service provider (who cherishes your clients and uses words like "Purpose")...


... and you've invested the time, energy, and bravery required to establish an authentic, dream-driven business – you already know how to use your powers for good. But, do you know how to use them for profit? And better yet, do you know how to make your ideal clients excited to buy?


Time and time again, I've seen tenacious, brilliant, heart-centered folks just like you shut down their businesses - and their dreams! - because of one pesky hurdle: sales.


They don't ask enough, so they don't get enough, so they can't provide enough without it costing too much of themselves.


But little did they know, the very empathy, introversion, integrity, and passion that make them dread "the money moment" are actually the keys to a long, prosperous career with raving fans and lasting impact!


You got into this business to help others – to brighten days and change lives. Of course you'd run from harmful practices and nasty manipulations!


I'm here to show you an infinitely kinder way to sell.


Buy with full confidence

Burned by puny programs or greedy gurus in the past? Here's how this time is different.

I know that every dollar a small business earns is a treasure. I would never, ever offer a flimsy, basic training only to up-sell the real goods. I couldn't dare call myself non-sleazy if I did.

This Academy is fully guaranteed for those who show up and do the work - I am so certain of its value that if you watch the modules, try the exercises, join the group calls, and don't believe it was worth every penny you paid, I'll make it right. And remember, you can leave the nest whenever you're ready. No long-term commitment (beyond the initial 3 months) required - but lifers welcome!


1-time payment


3 month term

  • Group calls galore - Mon/Tues/Wed most weeks
  • Full video curriculum:
    • Sales for Empaths
    • Repackage Your Brilliance,
    • The 4 Buyer Types
    • Squeaky Clean Money (coming July 2022)
  • Tons of worksheets and cheatsheets
  • Oodles of peer support
  • 90 minutes of hyper-focused 1:1 consulting with Annie
  • The Dynamix Communications Preferences Assessment & Report
  • 90 minute debrief of Dynamix findings
  • Continued access to the Dynamix app (even after you graduate!)
  • Voxer support between calls
Heck yes! (USD)

3 month payment plan


3 month term

  • Exactly the same list as the the other option, seriously.
Yay! (USD)
Full-Pay in CAD
Full-Pay in AUD
3-Pay in CAD
3-Pay in AUD

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