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"an instant bestseller -one part memoir, one part folk tale, and one part roadmap to the promised land of selling without the sleaze."


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Money-Making Mondays

Polishing, Problem-Solving, Protocols, and Pep - served up weekly.

Annie P's group calls are legendary. Come for the vibe. Stay for the strategies.


All The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy's "Greatest Hits"

Now offered in a brand new two-day bonanza format!

Introverts & Empaths are welcome (preferred, even).


If you're bored, so are they.

Founder delight matters too. (You're the one who has to market all. the. things.)

If your lead magnet wouldn't magnetize YOU, we have a problem.  Let's fix it, baby, yeeeeeah!

Meet Annie P. Ruggles

  • Inventor of the Non-Sleazy Sales Method
  • Podcaster (Top 2%!)
  • 2nd Generation Speaker
  • Human Rolodex
  • Geriatric Millenial
  • Muppet

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